How to move a window or form without titlebar

In my current project I had to implement move for a Form, which doesn’t have a title bar or FormBorderStyle property set to None. Instead of title bar I was using a Panel with background Image. Here is the code snippet. As it is WIN32 API call, you need to import System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace.

How to lock system using C#

Another WIN32 API tip helps to lock your system from C# code. It is very straight forward API. You can find this more information about LockWorkStation function from MSDN. Here is the WIN32 API declaration. And here is the implementation. Happy Coding

Drive combo box in C#

As most of the .Net developers, I am also started my development career with VB6. VB6 comes with few file system controls, like DriveListbox, DirectoryListbox, FileListbox etc. But in .Net framework didn’t support these controls. Here is a solution for creating a drive listbox(it is not a listbox, it is dropdown list). The drive informationRead More

CaptureItPlus – A screen capture utility

Few days back I started working on another open source project, for capturing screen shots. It is similar or can be used as an alternative to Snipping Tool in Windows Vista / 7. Here is the main features of CaptureItPlus Supports all major screen capture modes. Fullscreen, Window, Rectangle, FreeForm and Scheduled capture. Supports variousRead More

How to use TaskDialog API in C#

The TaskDialog API replaces MessageBox. A message box is useful for prompting users for an acknowledgment, confirmation, or an answer to a yes or no question. Message boxes are popular because of the MessageBox function is convenient for developers to use. TaskDialog is the preferred API to use because it is similar to MessageBox butRead More