How to access SkyDrive from Windows Forms – Part 2

This post is about uploading files from your computer to Sky Drive using Live REST API. For uploading files, sky drive API supports two HTTP methods, PUT and POST. For simplicity in this post PUT method is used. If you want to use POST, please check How to upload file using HttpWebRequest class post. OnlyRead More

How to add Tasks to Jumplists in .NET and Windows 7

Windows 7 provides a new taskbar feature for applications called Jumplists. Jumplists will appear, when user right-clicks on a application icon in the taskbar. By default you see a list of recent files opened and two entries to launch and detach the application. .NET 4.0 provides a managed API that allows you to easily manipulateRead More

How to open XAML documents in code view on VS 2010

When opening a XAML document in Visual Studio, it opens in split view by default. This might become little annoying when you have a large XAML document, because all the content needs to be rendered before you can get some work done. You can fix this issue by modifying Visual Studio settings Go to Tools,Read More

How to use TaskDialog API in C#

The TaskDialog API replaces MessageBox. A message box is useful for prompting users for an acknowledgment, confirmation, or an answer to a yes or no question. Message boxes are popular because of the MessageBox function is convenient for developers to use. TaskDialog is the preferred API to use because it is similar to MessageBox butRead More