Using the Silverlight Object Model

Recently I moved to a new project where I have to integrate Silverlight with SharePoint. I had done a few posts regarding this also. Yesterday I found that in SharePoint 2010(SharePoint foundation), Microsoft introduces Silverlight Object Model which helps to access SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries directly from Silverlight. Here is my first experiment withRead More

Silverlight in Sharepoint (WSS 3.0)

Recently I got an assignment to integrate Silverlight to WSS 3.0, in Sharepoint Foundation(WSS 4.0) there is an out of the box web part available to do the integration. Instead of using that, in this post I am creating a reusable web part which helps to load Silverlight application in SharePoint. It is lot similarRead More


Are you tired of using the command-line version of STSADM? Then, download STSADMWin, the GUI for the powerful command line utility STSADM, from here . I found STSADMWin a very helpful tool. It lists all the STSADM commands in dropdown, and as you select a command, all the parameters for the command show up. YouRead More