How to make String.Contains case insensitive?

The string.Contains() method in C# is case sensitive. And there is not StringComparison parameter available similar to Equals() method, which helps to compare case insensitive. If you run the following tests, TestStringContains2() will fail. Other option is using like this. And here is the case insensitive contains method implementation. And here is the modified tests.Read More

Time ago function for C#

Here is a small C# snippet which will return a date time value in a readable way as facebook,twitter, stackoverflow and most of the forum sites, like 1 day ago,1 min ago etc. If you’re building a website, then the jQuery plugin Timeago is a pretty sweet way to do it (as long as youRead More

Self hosting Web API controller

This post is about self hosting your Web API controller. Similar to WCF, Web API can be hosted either on IIS or in Windows Process, can be a windows application or console application or a windows service. Self hosting can be used for unit testing purposes also, instead of mocking can use the in memoryRead More

How to authenticate user against active directory

While developing an intranet application, I had to use Active Directory to authenticate the users. I thought I might need to use WMI. But I found a simple solution using PrincipalContext class from the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace. You can use the ValidateCredentials() method. You need to pass the domain name as one of the parameter toRead More