I started contributing to the Open source community. Here is some projects currently I am work(ed)ing on.

  • Power Saver– Another cool tool, which helps to turn off your monitor, when you lock your system. You can download Power Saver from Codeplex
  • CaptureIt Plus– Next version of CaptureIt. Written in C# and .Net 4.0. Supports 4 Capture modes. Supports plugins. You can download Captureit Plus from Codeplex
  • FleetIt Lite – A Windows 7 Gadget – Another team space client. Currently it is not hosted in publicly and if you want a copy or want to contribute. Please contact me.
  • FleetIt – A WPF TeamSpace client. You can download it from Codeplex
  • SQL CE Explorer – A Simple utility to explore SQL CE Database. You can down load SQL CE Explorer from Codeplex
  • MailNotify – It is a small utility, which periodically check your inbox, and inform you if you got any mail. Now it supports IMAP servers too. You can download MailNotify from Codeplex
  • CaptureIt – Small screen capture utility, planning to include support for uploading file to You can download Captureit from Codeplex
  • nTwitt – This is a Twitter client. This project started as an simple utility to update status for my colleagues to an internal microblogging site. Now it supports direct message support. You can download nTwitt from Codeplex
  • nToDo– This is a ToDo utility. This is also developed for my colleagues. You can download nToDo from Codeplex